“Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

I mentally laid out my plans for the day as I sipped my coffee.  For the past two days I hauled 3 cubic yards of  organic compost into my garden using my wheelbarrow.  It was pretty hard work even though it was a pretty short distance from where the delivery truck had dumped it and where the garden was… it was hard because 2 years prior I had taken the inflatable tires off the wheelbarrow wheels.

They kept going flat, so I took them off.

Oh, sure…  NOW I understand that the inflatable wheels provided height so the wheelbarrow doesn’t drag its bottom on the ground AND it provides easier moving over rocks and obstacles. There was lots of shoveling, lots of pulling, lots of grunts and lots of expletives.

But…  the garden was finally ready to be planted.  I know lots of my Southern readers are thinking that my garden should have been in for a long time…  In Massachusetts it’s “safe” to plant after Memorial Day.

CRAZY, I know.

Compost done!  Coffee sipped!  I got a shower and was headed to buy plants…  and a big fat raindrop hit my glasses.

Yup, rain.  All day rain.

I pointed my car at the grocery store instead of the garden store. I decided to do some baking and see if all the hype about Kara’s Perfect Vanilla Cake was true.  Whipped that bad boy up and threw it in the oven to bake.

I could tell when I took it out of the oven it was a winner. I actually thought to myself “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!’ which apparently is a thing lurking around in my brain that will pop out at odd times.

While the cakes cooled I let my mind drift a bit…  Chicken Dinner…  chicken dinner.  I had recently had chicken dinner.  I had barbecue from the place right up the road.  It was…  ok.  Not like I used to get when I lived in San Antonio. What was the name of that place?


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Rudy’s.

Delicious BBQ and that Cream Corn on the side.  OMG…  More Cream Cheese, heavy cream and sugar than actual corn.  Soooo delicious…

Corn.  Hummm

Corn and heavy cream.

Now…  I can almost guarantee that what I tell you next will NOT make some of you happy.

I decided to make Corn Ganache.


Corn Ganache.  I decided to roast the corn too because.., why not?

Roasted Corn White Chocolate Ganache.

Corn Ice Cream is delicious…  SO IS ROASTED CORN GANACHE!  It’s velvety and sort of butterscotchy but something so different…

Go with me! Come on…  you want to!

Heat up and oil a cast iron skillet.  If you don’t want roasted corn then you can skip this part.  I love roasted corn.  It’s got a smoky caramel flavor…

Get it as dark as you like.

If you are brave enough put it on an open flame.  It will hiss and pop at you.  Don’t be scared.

Cut the kernels off.  This is a very expensive and hard to find kitchen gadget made expressly for cutting kernels off of the cob.  Just kidding.  It’s a bundt pan.  It’s perfect to catch the kernels and it holds the cob for you.


Add the corn to a saucepan.  Pour in your heavy cream.  Throw in the corn cobs and heat to a boil.

Turn off the heat once a good rolling boil is going. I gave mine a taste and it wasn’t quite corn-y enough.  I guess could have let it steep overnight but…

I decided to help it along and use a handy-dandy immersion blender.  Don’t try to chop the cobs up, just hit the kernels a bit to get the flavor punch. I let this steep for about an hour.

Strain it.  Use a spatula to squeeze all that corn-y goodness out…

BE SURE YOU MEASURE YOUR HEAVY CREAM! You’ve gathered some extra corn juice.  Re-heat it if it’s cooled a bit, and add to the white chocolate.  I used a ratio of 16 oz heavy cream to 3 pounds of chocolate. Let the heat melt the chocolate then start working it around.

The first thing I noticed was that this corn Ganache was already… thicker… somehow.  I was afraid it was seizing from the corn liquid.  Starch.  Literally, corn starch.  The ganache was smooth and velvety almost custard like.  As it cooled, it set up!  Success!

It ganached up Kara’s Perfect Vanilla Cake beautifully.  I tried a raspberry preserves filling between one layer and I tried a hot pepper jelly between another layer.  The hot pepper layer didn’t add anything but a burn, and a burn definitely didn’t go with the cake.  The raspberry layer sort of got lost too.

What do you think might work?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Lime Curd?

Maybe a good Buttery Buttercream?

If you make this let me know!

It really is delicious and different!


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