Sous Vide Modeling Chocolate

I’ve got an admission to make.  Im horrible with chocolate.  I eat it, I burn it, I apparently don’t respect it enough.

Tempered chocolate is heavenly…  it’s shiny and snappy and delicious. Just don’t ask me to temper it.  I try! I really do…  but it’s so…  temperamental.  One drop of water (or a single tear…) and it seizes up. Get it too hot and it scorches or recrystalizes all wrong.  And we’ve all seen chocolate in bloom…

Chocolate and I have a complicated relationship.

So when I read an article that mentioned that chocolate could be easily and precisely tempered with a sous vide I couldn’t wait to try.  It took a bit of convincing to get it… ( ” Honey… I know you hate the texture of chicken and a sous vide will fix that I swear! Really, you are buying this for me but it’s reeeeaaaallly for you…” See what I did there? Luckily he fell for it!) we are now owners of a Anova Sous Vide and let me tell you…  it magically turns roast, steak and chicken into butter.

Now that an appropriate amount of time has passed (because, you know…  it TOTALLY wasn’t for me after all…) I’ve started playing with it.  I am pretty impressed with the experiment…




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