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Mother’s Day!

Here is an amazing quick and easy way to show mom you love her…

This recipe is GREAT for kids with some help, or teens could surprise mom with these…

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: Tell Mom she is your rock. Done.  She loves you.  End of story. It’s an engraved garden rock.


24 oz. White Chocolate

Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

Pinch of salt

5… 6… 10… Oreos.  However many you want.

Crush oreos in a ziplock bag.

Put chocolate and Condensed milk either in a saucepan…

(This one…)

…or in a microwave safe bowl.

Melt it all together.

Stir it.  Stir it a lot.

Stir till it’s smooth.  Take it off the heat.

Pour the chocolate into the bag with the crushed Oreos.

Let it cool.

Here’s where the little kids can have fun.  They can make garden rocks!

Should you have them wash their hands? Nah!  Your kids are clean!

Just kidding.  They are germwagons.

Wash their hands then let them go at the chocolate mixture…

Let your kids form the mixture into garden rocks.

Use a knife to spell words like “Love”, “Joy” and “Mom” or whatever you want…


You can also use stamps to stamp the rocks with words. Dust the stamp

letters with coco powder. Here are the ones I used.

“Dirty” them up with cocoa.

Use a bed of crushed Oreos to display the rocks.

Tell mom she’s your ROCK!  Make her a ROCK STAR!

These “rocks” are delicious with strawberries, btw.

The cookies? Those cookies are  Orange Cardamom cookies with a special ingredient…  I’ll post the recipe later in the week.




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