Crazy fun hair!

I struggle with hair.  I’m never really happy with fondant hair.  It always looks flat and lifeless.

Also, I love using unexpected ingredients.

On my last cake I combined the two and made hair out of Chow Mein Noodles!  Yeah, I did!

It’s a crazy fast way to make some crazy hair…

Sometimes you need some crazy hair.  I was very happy with the finished look, and the guests LOVED eating it.  I’ll admit, cutting through it was a bit messy, but there were plenty of eager hands reaching out and grabbing up crumbs.

Coat chow mein noodles in melted candy melts and spread out on a sheet pan.  Let them cool and break into chunks. Stick them on with more chocolate!

You can do that!

Give it a try!  The possibilities are endless! Let me see what you make!



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