It had to be done.

Yes, it did!

Edible, real, spinning Cookie Fidget Spinner…

Start with a pattern.  I put my Fidget Spinner on the copy machine and hit “copy”.

Print it out,  cut it out and cover it with tape.  I use thick packing tape…  this is just to keep the grease from the cookie dough from soaking into your pattern.

I used my go-to cookie dough and I colored it blue with food color gel. I left it slightly marbled. Reserve some uncolored cookie dough for accent pieces.

Roll it out and get to cutting.

I use a paring knife.  If you use a scalpel the edges will be smoother, or you can smooth it when it’s been chilled in the freezer.

Cut a center hole.  The hole needs to be large enough for a “LifeSaver” candy to fit in.

Using a smaller size circle cutter on the spinners…  that’s what I’m going to call them anyway.

Roll out the uncolored dough and use the same size cutter to make a fill in accent.  I used the larger cutter to keep the shape while I plugged the accent pieces in.

Cut 2 larger size circles per spinner for the center button.  Put the cut out cookies into the freezer for 15 minutes or so.  Once they are firmed up, smooth out the ragged edges.  I sorta skipped this step, and my edges are pretty rough.  My Fidget Spinner Cookie so I own it.  It’s still yummy.  🤤

Bake ’em.  Fidget a lot while you wait for the cookies to bake.

While the cookies are fresh and warm out of the oven I pushed small dragées straight into the cookie.  The steam from the cooling cookie will slightly melt the sugar on the dragée and make it stick.  If they continue to fall out while you work with the cookie use a touch of chocolate or piping gel to “glue” them in.

Now comes assembly.  I used some orange flavored “LifeSavers” for the center.  I stuck it on one of the center buttons with white chocolate.

I filled it up. Work quickly now…

Fit the spinner over the “LifeSaver” and sandwich it between the two button circles.

Let the chocolate set up.  Now you can Fidget that Spinner, then eat it!


UPDATE:  I remade these and took my time cutting them out.  They are really fun!



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