You can make this 2ft tall Easter Bunny cake! Yes, you can!

How would you like to make an amazingly cute cake for your Easter Dinner with the family?

Imagine how they will all react when they see the cake you made, and it’s over 2ft tall!

I’m happy to publish my very first cake tutorial (and PDF to boot…)

Its easy and fun, and I will answer any questions you have along the way

⬇️⬇️ Here it is! ⬇️⬇️

Easter Tutorial 2017


Supply list:

12″x12″x3″ cake of your choice

8 cups white chocolate ganache

2 lbs white fondant

Wilton Support Rods

Edible Markers

Cake Boards

Blue gel color

Pink gel color

Green gel color

Hot Glue Gun

gloves (for mixing colors into fondant)

sprinkles, Easter candy

4″ paring knife

Have fun! Show me your cake when you make it!  😀😀😀



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