I had to make some fancy bars for an event and I forgot to get chocolate at the store so I…

…honestly?  That is all a lie.  lies lies lies.

I just wanted to melt this bunny.

Look at him go from standing up solid to delicious pool of chocolate.

I thought about how to do it for a week. Turns out I’m a big fan of special effects and filming things.  I love a good GIF and I’m so excited I’ve learned how to make them!

Watching it melt was so satisfying and fascinating! It went from solid to liquid back to solid while keeping its shape!

Hee hee.

Anyway…  now, what to do with it?

A scavenger hunt through the kitchen turned up 4 very ripe bananas which had been patiently been waiting for me to notice them. Every time I sauntered through the kitchen, there they were, flagging me down. Begging me to make anything with them, even Banana Bread which I figure is the ultimate insult to Bananas. If I was an over-ripe banana I wouldn’t want to be made into boring ol’ Banana Bread.

Refrigerator yielded some dodgy looking strawberries left over from Mother’s Day. You know the kind… still perfectly good but not quite as firm or shiny as you’d like.

Over-ripe bananas, meh strawberries and melted chocolate bunny.  None of them really good enough to be on their own, but together… together was a pretty classic combo.

The typical thing to do would be to make the chocolate into a brownie…

…that’s not my style though. 🤓

The banana would be the brownie.  Banana Brownie.  Ever heard of them?  ME EITHER!

These are sorta amazin’ jus sayin’…

I started nibbling it as soon as it came out of the oven.

Now comes the bunny.  I spread some melted chocolate on the banana brownie to create a barrier so the strawberries wouldn’t make the brownie soggy.  No soggy bottom.

Slice the strawberries however you want.  I sliced mine in half.

See how I tessellated the strawberries?

Tessellate.  Like my big word Collin Snyder?  Humm?  How do you like me now?

Years ago I worked with a self-proclaimed science nerd named Collin.  He showed up for his shift one day absolutely giddy.  Obnoxiously giddy.  He explained that the Science Nerd Community had waged war with Subway Sandwiches and Subway had ✨finally✨ agreed to tessellate the cheese. Finally!  Wow!


He could tell I had no idea.  He suggested it might be something I couldn’t understand.  I understood as soon as he drew me a picture. I googled “tessellated cheese” just now and lo and behold there’s a graphic, OF TESSELLATED CHEESE, so apparently it’s a thing.

Who knew?

Collin.  That’s who knew.

Anyway, tessellate your berries… pour on the rest of the melted bunny and smear it around. I forgot to take a picture of pouring the chocolate on.  I bet you can handle it…

Look at these amazing Sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop!  This is the exclusive Aaron & Kara mix. It added some nice crunch and they are pretty too!

Look how delicious this looks!  So, you don’t ✨have✨ to use melted bunny but look at the amazing melting experience you will miss. If you want, some mini marshmallows might be fun in this too…

What do you think?  Tell me in the comments what you think of this recipe.  What would you add?




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