White Chocolate Cinco de Oh-My-O!

I’ve got a fun little treat for you today.

Planning a Cinco de Mayo festivity?  Wow your guests with these!

White Chocolate Tamales!

I know!  They are amazing aren’t they?

Creamy White Chocolate wrapped up in a corn husk with a special little bit of extra. (We will get to that in a second…)  These are a perfect tasty way to end a dinner or take to a party.  Everyone will marvel at your genius.  Only you will know how easy it is.

Now… you can put any kind of nut in the white chocolate. Candied cinnamon pecans are especially yummy.  Pistachios if you roll that way. Chop them up pretty small.

Me?  I’m a bit more…




Pop Rocks.

…you know, they don’t make Pop Rocks like they did when I was a kid.  They were strong enough to hurt when they first came out.  Now…  meh.  Mild tickle.  Anyway, they are FUN and unexpected in chocolate…  and pop-y.

You will need corn husks, white chocolate and of course Pop Rocks! Go ahead and get a bunch of Pop Rocks.  You’ll want to do this over and over.

Soak the Corn Husks in hot water so they get soft.  Mine took a good 15 minutes to get good and pliable.

Melt the White Chocolate and fold your Pop Rocks in. I used one package of Pop Rocks for every 4 oz, but its totally up to you how much POP you want to add.  Go for it.

Stir the Pop Rocks (or whatever you choose to use) into the chocolate. You might hear a few pops.  It happens.  There will still be plenty of pop action going on when your guests eat this.

Dry the husks.  Dry them good. Dry both sides.

Tear the husks into 2″ strips. Spread a spoonful of your chocolate up…  about 3″ long and about 1″ wide. Roll it up and put in seam side down.  Move on to the next one…

Look how fast I work! Woot woot!

Tear some thin strips to wrap around the tamale and tie to finish them off.  This works better after the chocolate has cooled and set.

Make up a bunch of them because people are going to go CRAZY.  Your Cinco de Mayo will turn into a Cinco de Oh-My-O!


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