So, I thought it would be fun to start a blog.  ‘Why don’t you have a blog?” people would say… “I love keeping up with your antics.” others would tell me.


I fall down a lot, I bake occasionally, sometimes I say something funny, sometimes I cut things off…

(True story. It’s ok, they sewed it back on.)
Let’s start from the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start. 🤓

No. Not that far back!

… apparently I enjoyed a good cookie as a child… (I’m the short one. Look how excited I was for that cookie.)

Let me talk about my first big sculpt cake. After working at a bakery in college, managing a school lunch and Senior lunch program at the San Antonio Jewish Community Center I felt pretty confident I could tackle a Yoda cake for a friend’s son, and if it were a bundt cake or a brownie I’d have been ok. I knew in concept how a gravity defying cake should work so… what me worry?

Clearly I felt the bigger the pvc pipe the better.


I thought I would revolutionize everything by using Fruity Pebbles to make the cereal treats. Ah, youthful exuberance…

Buttercream on. I spared no expense for the luxurious backdrop for the picture shoot too.  You can get one for your cake pictures in the garbage bag isle.  Glad, Hefty series…  I mysteriously labeled this picture “Ready for fondant, before the fall.” Ominous. I seriously doubt the structure failed since it was so honking big. I don’t recall “the fall” though  I imagine the Fruity Pebble Treats probably didn’t stick to the huge water main pipes I used and plopped off in chunks. The next picture is a sheet cake with a disembodied yoda head that sorta looked like the Dark Side won this time. Happy Birthday! Forward your therapy bills to me…

(Please note the Jello I thought would be a fun cake topping.) I guess the family didn’t mind because I had the honor the next year of making her Wedding Cake.

“but Scott, have you ever made a gum paste flower before?” nope.
“but Scott, have you ever made a structured cake before?’ nope. Let’s shoot for over 4 foot tall… k?
“but Scott, have you ever even made a Wedding Cake before?” Ummm… YES!

Picture it, San Antonio… 1996. My cousin asked me to make her a cake after her baker backed out. She wanted a moist moist cake. I assured her at the wedding that it was so moist it was going to squirt like “Freshen Up” gum when she cut into it. (Does anyone remember “Freshen Up” gum?) She look at me, looks at the cake, looked at her white dress and walked off.

Brides. Not known for their keen sense of humor.

I made the grooms cake too. Once again I thought I was revolutionizing the cake world by using Brown Sugar as sand. I’m frankly quite surprised I’m not rich and famous by now.

I guess we will see…

One thing I’ve come to realize about this whole interweb thing is that it’s so very difficult to understand! Hosting and plugins and templates and word pressers… it’s all Greek to me.

Oh, I will try very hard not to gripe much.

Ok, I’m done with this page now. What do I do now? Do I hit “Post”? Ok, I’ll hit po…


  1. Love this! But I don’t recall my lack of humor about the cake! I’m honored to be a part of your first wedding cake story and your first blog post! Keep them coming!

  2. And you made the best challah ever while at the JCC. And made some 12 star meals (wayyyyy out of the lunch box) for the Hostile Elderly! Bring on the antics!

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