Try Butter Coffee for a week…

Some friends and I were chatting this past Monday. We were all a bit anxious about the big storm bearing down on the East Coast…  Weather forecasters were calling it “The Perfect Storm”. Every city Mayor everywhere made television appearances asking us all to just stay inside and watch it all happen.  It sounded like it was just going to be horrid what with all that snow in such a short period of time, and high wind…  The Weather Channel literally told me that a tree was going to fall on my house and kill me.  (OK, so that didn’t happen literally, but I read between the lines and it was a strong possibility.)

Lucky for us it wasn’t bad at all. Some wind. Some snow. Some sleet.  Meh…

Know what everyone’s biggest fear was? Losing power and not being able to make coffee.


I mean,  freezing death by being trapped under a fallen tree in a blizzard doesn’t hold a candle to a no coffee morning. My routine is the same every morning.  I wake up when the dog tells me to wake up.  We go for a walk which he determines how long he wants to walk. I fix the dog breakfast…  and then he lets me have a cup of coffee.  I mean, I have coffee when I want to have coffee.

Look at him.  Could you say “no” to that?

I always have my coffee with a spoon of Demerara Sugar and half & half… well, except for that week I drank nothing but Butter Coffee.

Have you heard about it?  I’m one of those nutty people who will try anything. I read an article about Butter Coffee and decided to give it a try.  Sure, it sounds weird… oil and butter in coffee???

The theory is that the fat molecules in the butter sort of time-release the caffeine in the coffee at a slower and more steady pace so you get more energy for a longer period of time, and no crash.  If you want the truth…

…it works that way too.

Start with your usual coffee.  Add in 1-2 teaspoons MCT oil (MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES) or coconut oil .  MCT oil has all sorts of health benefits and is quite easy to find.  Do some research and see if it’s something you’d like to try.  Coconut oil is just as healthy and delicious.  Add in up to a tablespoon of butter.  Organic, unsalted and grass fed if you can find it.

‘Throw it in a blender and emulsify it all…  or use a Stick Blender like I use.  I’ve had this Toastmaster for 20 years!  Works like a charm! The oil and the butter come together and really make the coffee rich and creamy.  If it feels oily you need to blend it better.

I know it sounds crazy, but it is an amazing alternative to coffee creamers. It enhances the natural sweetness of coffee too!  Give it a try for the long lasting energy boost too…  keep drinking for the taste.


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