How do you top Pinto Bean Pie?

How can you possibly top a “Pinto Bean Pie”?



With a big dollop of whipping cream!!!  

Yes.  Pinto Bean Pie is a real thing… I guess.

I love old cookbooks and recipes because they are so unassuming. They usually don’t require any special equipment and they aren’t trying to sell anything. If you’ve got a bowl and a spoon and some knives you can cook these.   I inherited my Grandmother Annabell’s Recipe Cards and my Grandmother Marzelle’s Church published cookbooks. All the ladies in the church would give their “best’ recipes to the cookbook committee for fundraising publication of the cookbook. (Of course they would always save their very best recipes for special occasions… like funerals and when the preacher comes for after service lunch on Sunday…)

All these recipes are absolute treasures to me! I love to just go through and read them. My family, apparently, loves cornbread… I can’t tell you how many different versions of Cornbread there are in that card index.  Banana Bread is another favorite.  I’ve got recipes for Double Banana Banana Bread, and Super Moist Banana Bread and even Chocolate Banana Bread.  I don’t actually recall ever having banana Bread at Grandmother’s house.  Hummmm…

The weird recipes are the BEST!

I don’t know who V. G. is or how my Grandmother knew them…  but I find this recipe incredibly touching and sweet. “All the pecans you can afford…”  This is a recipe written by someone who lived through tough and tight times. This recipe teaches about being adaptable and appreciating what you’ve got. I suspect this recipe (and the Pinto Bean Pie) is born out of the Depression Era when people made do with inexpensive ingredients.

It makes me want to know V.G.

I stumbled on this Pinto Bean Pie gem of a recipe a while ago…  and… well..


I mean, why?

I’m adventurous.  I love trying things.



Yesterday the recipe practically marched out of the file and demanded its day of glory.

(That’s how I remember it anyway…)

I will admit that I used canned Pinto Beans. I wanted quick and easy in case I chickened out…  and bland.  I wanted bland pinto beans because..  well… Pinto Bean Pie.  😬

I rinsed them off and plopped them into the mixer.  Next time… (next time???) I might actually throw all this into the blender to really get things incorporated well.  Maybe I need this…  🤔.  Yeah, I definitely need it for making Pinto Bean Pie.

Add everything else in…

Mix that all up and pour it into a 9″ unbaked Pastry Shell…

Look at all that delicious fiberousness…

45-55 minutes in a 425 degree oven.

In all seriousness this pie is delicious.  It’s like a very mild Pumpkin Pie…

Pinto Beans have over twice as much protein as Pumpkin so…


…it’s a health food.

Be sure you add whipping cream.

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