Spring Roll Wrapper? On CAKE???


Spring Roll Skins on a cake?  Well…  as decorations.

Have you ever had a Vietnamese Summer Roll?

It makes me hungry for one just thinking about it!  Mmmmmm…

It’s a handful of deliciousness wrapped up in a nice elastic wrapper.  It’s the wrapper that got me thinking.  When you make Summer Rolls you soak the wrapper in water to hydrate it…

So… I did what I do to Wafer Paper.  I tried soaking it in Vodka. (Vodka, because it evaporates quicker than water.) The wrapper turned just as snotty as wafer paper gets…  but…  it is strong and elastic!  It drapes beautifully just like cloth! I added some gel color and the wrapper soaks it up beautifully!  It dries shiny and strong. I’ve had a piece for over a month and nothing furry is growing on it… I don’t think I’d eat it, but I wouldn’t eat isomalt or gum paste either… but I could if I wanted I guess.

I went to my local Asian Market looking for them, but they didn’t carry the dry ones.  I found them at the regular ol’ grocery store…  and Amazon has lots of Spring Roll Wrapper choices.

I am really very intrigued by how this can be used.  Let me know your thoughts…



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