Skull Reliquary Cake


The continuing stories of Halloween…

I wanted to release my Halloween 2017 III video:  “Skull Reliquary Cake” today but first I want to talk a bit about how badly I’ve been wronged…

To this very day my husband Mark is angry at me for something which never even happened.

Irrational, unjust and downright unfair!

I know!!!

I mean, there’ so much stuff that I actually do that he should be angry about without inventing things… 

I mean, I’m so innocent.

(I know that’s a Christmas image, but didn’t Nightmare Before Christmas shatter those old rules of “Keep the holiday iconography separated”?)

Mark hates snakes.

He absolutely loathes them.

He is absolutely transfixed by snakes. He wants to run but is fascinated.  He wants to watch them but in a safe protected environment…

…a safe protected environment like maybe in a cartoon.

So, when I found a snake in a Halloween store that would lunge forward when motion activated I thought I would be a GOOD spouse and point it out to him.  He declared that if he EVER found that snake in the house it would be the end of our shared endeavors… if you catch my drift.

He had visions of me sneaking it into the closet and it striking out from under the clothing.  In his defense this was just a few years after “The Butler” incident…

I guess he has PTBITSS

“Post-Traumatic Butler In The Shower Syndrome”.

…poor guy.

For years he has absolutely been downright angry at me for what he pictured in his mind I might do.  I would never do such a thing!  I swear…

Well, I’m using this very public platform to let him know that I saw one at the store just the other day.


I am also letting him know that I totally did NOT purchase this item, as much as I wanted to.

I totally don’t want someone to buy this for me.


Let me be perfectly clear on this.  Don’t do it!

Do NOT buy this for me and ship it to my house.

If you message me asking for my address I will not tell you what it is…  unless, you know, you ask super nice.  It would be rude to not tell you, right?  But other than that…  forget it!

Anyway, now that THAT is past us maybe we can move forward in our Halloween relationship a bit lighter.


I want to show everyone my Halloween 2017 Series video number 3!

Yep, we are already at number 3.  I call this my Sugar Skull Reliquary Cake.

This cake was so much fun to make.  I’m letting everyone in on a big secret here too… My favorite molds ever.  I use them for so many projects.  I have them all and use them all the time.

This isn’t a very large cake but when it comes to cake, size doesn’t matter.  Even small ones should be just as extravagant and fun as if it served 150.  It was an all-day affair taking pictures of this cake too, because I brought out the fog machine to get “spooky” photos.  Turns out smoke photography is a BEAST of its own with special lighting and cross lighting…  Learning learning learning…  all the time.

I used my Charred Marshmallow Fondant on this cake, and I used Food Grade Activated Charcoal to make it a dark Grey. I hate making black fondant.  By the time it gets to the right color, its weird and mushy…  By using the micro-powder it quickly turned the color I wanted without a weird texture.

Enjoy!  Does it give you any ideas for other cakes using these techniques?

Tell me about them!


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