Skull Reliquary Cake

October 15, 2017 sevenrav 3

  The continuing stories of Halloween… I wanted to release my Halloween 2017 III video:  “Skull Reliquary Cake” today but first I want to talk […]

Mummy Dearest

September 29, 2017 sevenrav 4

Honestly though… I don’t understand how I’m still married because… Well… Over the years I’ve done things.  Intentionally done things… …and now I have rules. […]

Elsie Eats a Concha

August 15, 2017 sevenrav 1

“As she pulled back on the arrow she felt the bow tense and resist, as if protesting what was about to happen.  She knew exactly […]

Melons Disappoint Me

August 6, 2017 sevenrav 2

I grew up in Texas where the produce from the Rio Grande Valley flooded the markets with the freshest of the fresh. Beans and broccoli, […]