JagerPeeps anyone?

My original plan for today’s post was going to be all about family friendly cupcakes and sugar cones and how to make them into candy coated carrots…

…but then a Jagermeister Peep happened.

I am obsessed.

I love making things alcoholic.

I don’t know why really.  I don’t drink.  I don’t even drink a drop.  Alcohol gives me HORRIBLE migraines that stay around for days, getting worse and worse.  That…  and it causes really bad judgement.

Mostly its the migraine thing.

Like I said, I have a thing for alcohol…  and gelatin.  Gelatin is fascinating to me.  Apparently its all about molecular gastronomy for me.

For our Christmas party last year I made 5 different flavors of alcoholic Gummi Bears, including Fireball and Chardonnay. They weren’t the “Pinterest” Gummi bears where you soak them for a week in alcohol and they double in size…  no, these were full on “these’ll make you drunk” regular size gelatin alcohol Gummi’s. People finished those little bears off pretty quickly.

There’s a trick to keeping the alcohol content in a gelatin… Today I made alcoholic marshmallow peeps.


Wanna know how?

I’ll teach you how to make my WineyMallows and my JagerPeeps.

Yes. Jagermeister Peep.

I know.  I’m insane.

Here is the “Mother Recipe” for all the BoozeMallows.

The key to making alcoholic marshmallows is to heat the sugar to “Soft Ball Stage” (235 degrees) while keeping the alcohol below 173 degrees.

Simple, right?  It actually is.  Keep the two separate, until they can play nicely together then whip the ever living daylights out of them.

First, put the alcohol of choice in the bowl of your mixer.  Here I’ve got a mix of a nice smelling Tawny Port and Sweet Reds “Barefoot” brand wine.  I chose to use those because, well, they were both red and there was just enough of both to make 1 1/2 cups sooo…. The point is, you can use any alcohol.  Stronger Ian usually better, and you will be adding a lot of sweet to it so keep that in mind…

Bloom the gelatin in the alcohol.  You do this by sprinkling the gelatin on the alcohol, and let it sit for 10 minutes.  You can do that.

Get yourself a good Candy Thermometer for this next part.  Add the sugar, corn syrup and water to a heavy stock pot.  Cook it over high till it reaches 235 degrees on the thermometer (soft ball stage).  Set it aside to cool.  It needs to cool to below 173 degrees.

While the sugar cools you need to carefully melt the gelatin.  I boil some water and sit my mixer bowl down over the top so the steam heats and melts the gelatin gently without cooking the alcohol out.  Do not let the alcohol go above 173 degrees. Gelatin will melt at a very low temperature so don’t go crazy.  95 degrees or so will do it.

Now the alcohol and gelatin is at least 95, and the sugar mixture is below 173…  it’s time they meet.  Add the sugar mixture to the alcohol/gelatin mixture in the mixing bowl.

You must whip it.

Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
It’s not too late
To whip it
Whip it good

(Bucket List: ☑️ Use Devo lyrics in blog post.)

Whip it till it loses some of its shine and it hold its shape and you are ready to go.  Want Marshmallows? Lightly spray a piece of foil and spread your marshmallow out.  Sift on some 50% powdered sugar 50% starch and let it sit for a few hours.  Use a pizza cutter or knife to cut into whatever size you want.  Coat all sides with the powdered sugar mixture.

I forgot to record how I piped the peeps.  Whoops.  I laid out a bed of colored sugar.  Pipe the body out a few inches then add the head.  Cover with more sugar and let it dry.

Can you imagine the possibilities?  Rum s’mores?  Sirah Marshmallow Fondant?  I can’t wait to play with this even more!

These will definitely sneak up on you so be careful.  21 and over only!

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