Ice Cream and Butter. What can go wrong?

I thought I’d squeeze in one more Valentine’s Day recipe for you…  in case you needed a quick and ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY delicious thing to kindle the embers of love…

…or to totally eat by yourself and buy that other person a box of cheap chocolate.

Whatever pigeon…

AND!  I’m very happy to tell everyone it doesn’t have any peppers or chilis or spices or weird ingredients!  It’s just regular stuff.  I know, I’m excited.  I use regular stuff just like everyone else.

For years I’ve been making an Ice Cream Strudel.  I got the recipe from an old Jewish Grandmother from when I worked at The Jewish Community Center in San Antonio.  I was sworn to secrecy with the recipe, and I promised I’d never tell anyone…

…but that was before the internet.

Yes, we were just dinosaurs on bikes before the internet.

So technically, I’m not giving away her recipe because I punched in “Ice Cream Strudel” into The Google machine, and poof, there it was…

…but, to avoid an eternal haunting from my “Jewish Bubala” situation, I’m going to say that the recipe I’m giving you HERE is completely different from the one I swore I’d never give to anyone…

Start by melting yo buttah.

Now, I’m really trying to resist posting all the pictures I take. I take a lot of pictures, and I think they are all great pictures, but I’m 100% positive you’ve seen butter.  I’m pretty sure you’ve even seen MELTED butter.  I really can’t stand to see blogs that post too many pictures. Seriously…  Here is butter.  Here is butter unwrapped.  Here is butter in the mixing bowl.  Here is butter being beaten.  Oh look, here is flour.  Here in butter in with flour.  Here is butter being beaten in with the flour…

Annoying.  It’s so tempting to post those pictures though.

Since I’m not using unusual ingredients in usual places, I’m going to post pictures of usual ingredients in unusual places.

That’s melted butter in bed.

That’s Ice Cream with Mary.

That’s Flour in the Attic.

(What? What?  Where my V.C. Andrews fans?  Yes I read the entire series at a completely unacceptably young age.  I TURNED OUT FINE. *twitch twitch)

The recipe is simple.

Cream the Ice Cream and the melted butter, add a pinch of salt to the flout and throw it in.  Mix till it comes together into a dough.

I used Birthday Cake Ice Cream with Sprinkles and chunks of Birthday Cake.  In theory you can use any flavor you want.  Just avoid chunky stuff and melty stuff.  Rocky Road Ice Cream probably wouldn’t make a nice dough…  but don’t let that hold you back.

Give it a try.

I may be wrong.

(I’m not wrong.  It causes huge holes and the dough tears.  I just don’t want you to think I’m telling you  that you can’t do anything you put your mind to.  But, you probably can’t make dough out of rocky road ice cream.  Just saying’)

Divide the Ice Cream Dough in half.  The original recipe states to store it in the fridge for an hour.

I have never done that ever.

I’m too impatient.

Flour out a rolling surface and roll that dough as thin as you can go.  Thinner the better.  In real traditional strudel you roll and stretch the dough so thin you can see through it.  This isn’t traditional dough.  You can’t roll it that thin…but don’t let that hold you back.

Give it a try.

I may be wrong.

(I’m not wrong.  You can get it really very thin, but you won’t be able to get it so thing that you see through it.  Sorry.)

I used my Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin on the smallest ring and it was plenty thin enough. (Yes, THAT is an Affiliate Link.  Don’t be scared. I throw one in every once in a while to let Amazon know I’m still their minion.)

Now that it’s all rolled out, throw your stuff in.

Anything goes.  Clean out that candy drawer.  If its gooey and chocolatey, give it a try.

I made 2 types.

Batch one was Raspberry Preserves, Cinnamon Sugar, Coconut, Golden Raisin, Caramel filled Chocolate Hearts, Snickers Baking Bites and pecans.

Maybe overkill.

It’s my strudel.

Make your own.

If you are on the “Eeeewwww Raisins” Train, use Craisins or any other dried fruit as long as its bite sized.

The second batch I added Strawberry Preserves, Cinnamon Sugar, Caramel filled Kisses, coconut, Golden Raisins and crushed up Cinnamon Oreos.

Yes, Red Hot Oreos are out now.  They are so delicious.  I crushed them up and threw them in because…


…my strudel.

Make your own.

Roll those bad boys up.

Transfer them to your baking pan, brush on some milk, half and half or heavy cream, and sprinkle with either more cinnamon sugar or something decorative.  Slice halfway down into the strudel at about an inch intervals.

Bake in 375 degree oven until gold and bubbly.

Mine took about 30 minutes.  Keep an eye on it.

Now, if you can wait, let it cool completely before you slice.  If you don’t you’ll have a situation like this:


That has Snicker written all over it, doesn’t it?

That’s the Oreo one.  It was actually my favorite.

And the dough?

Does it look flakey?

Wanna dig into that?

Why are you still here?

Print the recipe, go get your Häagen-Dazs, or whatever kind of ice cream you like, and raid that Valentine’s Day candy isle.

I wonder what Butterfinger would be like in this?


(Pssst…  if you don’t eat it all wrap it up and put it in the freezer.  It freezes beautifully.)


  1. Looking forward to trying this “Jewish style” strudel.
    First I want to know if Sly if the Family Stones? Is still alive and if I need to play his music while making this. Second – Dolly Parton- she doesn’t cook right?

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