Have Tea and Let It Be…


The Lemon Cake with Sweet Tea Buttercream!

Looks good doesn’t it?

Want me to tell you about the recipe?

Well… it’s Martha Stewart’s Lemon Cake and then Lauren Kitchens Buttercream… from Avalon’s Cake School and I’ll teach you how to make them!


Just kidding.  Why would I teach something that has been covered so well by legends??? I’m sure you all came to my blog to watch me mimic what Martha does.

(Meeting Martha is on my Bucket List… so, if you are reading this Martha…  Call me!)

Go make Martha’s Lemon Cake!  It’s deliciously lemony!  The only thing I changed is the pan size.  She says butter and flour 2 – 8″x 2″ round pans.  I changed that to 3 – 6″x 2″… and used parchment rounds. Bake those babies up and let them cool.

…and the icing! I’ve been using this Lauren Kitchens Buttercream a lot.  It’s so easy to whip up, and it holds up well, and sets firm for carved structure cakes.

That’s it!  Thanks for reading…


Why did I waste your time?  You mean you aren’t here strictly for my sparkling personality?


Fine.  Remember I mentioned something about Sweet Tea Buttercream?

Often you can take one ingredient in a recipe and change it to make something new and exciting.  Take the cake… (Forgive me Martha…) Substitute Yuzu Juice for Lemon Juice and Yuzu Peel for Lemon Zest and you’ve just made Yuzu Cake.  Yuzu is sorta like an orangey grapefruit and its super trendy now.  Impress all your friends by introducing them to a new kind of pucker.

So, I wanted to create a new flavor for Buttercream by somehow changing the flavor of butter.

I got the idea while writing my last blog post, where I did a lot of reminiscing about road trips and my first few years in San Antonio.  I had a friend…  well he was actually a friend of a friend of a friend… he lived in Buda, TX (pronounced Bee-YOO-da…  not to be confused with the chubby dude sitting cross-legged.) Buda is south of Austin on I-35.  We would pass through Buda anytime we traveled from SA to Austin.

I don’t know this guys real name, because everyone just called him Stork.  Stork was in San Antonio crashing on people’s couches and working odd jobs with this friend of a friend.  Stork was mellow.  Real mellow, if you get my drift…

One night he bummed a ride with us on a trip to Austin, and we dropped him off in Buda.  The entire trip up he explained the proper way to make his “special” brownies.

Yes, apparently they are a real thing.

He was surprisingly eloquent when he was speaking about the common mistake most people make of adding the …ummm …herbs… right into the brownie batter. Apparently that doesn’t nothing but make the brownies skunky. He used a crock pot to slowly cook the …ummm …herb… in the butter to infuse the …ummm …herb… into a usable butter form.

See folks, INSPIRATION can come from anywhere!  I’ll let you google how all that …infusion… is done.

…and no I didn’t take a brownie.  Not my thing. I’m chill enough already, thank you very much… and I don’t need help getting the munchies.

In fact I’ve already got them.

I don’t care when you are reading this, you can bet I’ve got the munchies.

I might be asleep…  and I’ve got the munchies.

You might be reading this in 200 years (Hi 2217!) and I’m long long gone… and I’ve got the munchies.

I get my buzz off of thinking about infusing butter with different flavors.

It makes sense though!  People have been infusing butter with flavors for centuries, but it’s usually “infused” by adding a herb to the butter and leaving it there so it’s chunky.

I wanted to infuse my butter with something, and leave the butter smooth and still usable for cakes.  My first thought went to normal things like Lemon and lavender..,

… but I’m weird, and think weird things.

My mind latched onto Chai Tea.

I went through a Teavana stage where I’d go in and buy a TON of tea… like, more than I could drink in a year.

“$34.99 a pound?  Sure, I’ll take a pound.”


So this tea has been in a tin in the pantry for 2 years maybe…

I threw my butter into a saucepan.  I figured for 2 pounds of butter I’d start with half a cup of Spicy Chia Teavana Tea.

Butter is melting…  and I go to the pantry to get the tea.

Apparently my dear husband… my dear neat freak husband…  my dear husband who struggles to sit still…  threw out all the tea when he cleaned the pantry while I was on a trip to Newfoundland.

All I had left was Lipton.  That’s OK.

Lipton Tea Bags. That’s OK.

We’ll roll with it.  The box was old anyway.

The original plan was to use half a cup for 2 pounds.  Each bag of Lipton was 2 grams…  So I opened 40 bags of Lipton tea bags, and I ran out.

So I used about 1/4 cup of tea for 2 pounds of butter.

I let it come to a boil then let it steep for 30 minutes or so.

When you take the bags out, be sure to squeeze them well.  Theres lots of butter in the tea bags.  Even with lots of squeezing I lost about 2 Tablespoons of butter.  just add some regular butter back in to make 2 pounds.

Look, its green.  That was a surprise.  Be sure you strain it through a sieve.  Some tea makes it out of those bags somehow…

I mean…  look how green that is.  It wasn’t green tea…

Set it in the fridge and let it cool.

As it cools stir it up so the liquids and fats mix together.

Once its solid, its ready to use.  I was a bit worried that it was too strong because, it’s very strong.

Here is the finished icing.  It tastes exactly like strong sweet tea because of the powdered sugar.

Again, I didn’t have high hopes for this to taste very good…

Once you add it to the lemon cake though…  It’s DELICIOUS.  Somehow they meld, like a nice tall glass of Sweet ice tea with a lemon slice.  Its not too sweet, just the exact right amount of refreshing and so, so good.

(I will admit that its fully caffeinated too.  Quite the pick-me-up that I was not expecting.)

Just think of the possibilities!  I still need to get my hands on some Teavana Spicy Chai Tea.

What combinations can you think of?

What Tea paired with What Cake?

Tell me about your ideas!


  1. OMG I am SO IN! Heeding your cautions, I’d go with a decaf – the sugar high is plenty of “up.” I could see using a berry hibiscus tea, also with a lemon cake. Or go with your chai tea but pair it with a pound cake and put a streusel in it and on it. YUM!

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