The Halloween Candy Bowl Challenge!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  Are you ready?  Are you haunted yet?

I feel like I covered Halloween pretty well.  I hope I gave everyone some ideas.

Lets recap…  mostly for my own self indulgence. 😄 Halloween is my favorite.

I showed everyone “The Croan’s Toad” Cake.

I meant to make a full tutorial… but, you know…  things happen.  Ok, so I film with my phone, and I forgot to put my phone on “ignore”, and I got a call but I didn’t realize I got a call, and my phone stopped recording, and I missed the most important part of the toad.  You know…  the part where I make it look like a frog and gave it texture.  Whoops.  It turned into a time-lapse video…

… but I learned.

…and that’s the goal!

Next came the tutorial on making stands.

Thit is the one where I figured out how damn goofy I am.

…my goofiness probably comes as no surprise to ANYONE!


Then my dear Mummy Dearest happened.

…a face only a mummy could love.

just. like. me.

True story:  For some reason my lighting on my camera was so off I had to film this in a nearly dark room.  I dunno…  Maybe the light mummy against the dark background?  Yup, still learning.

Then came my Skull Reliquary Cake with sugar skull topper.

I learned how hard smoke is to photograph with this one.

What could possibly be left to show you?


Well, how about a Sneak Peek at Halloween 2018.


I know!  I’m already planning next year!

This is a prototype, with a very special feature…  muahahaha..

…and for now, THAT’S ALL I’M EXPLAINING.

(I’m not even going to explain that ravishing beauty holding the book either…)



Well, just be excited, but you are going to have to wait an entire year.

I’m sorta mean that way, aren’t I?

(wait, you actually thought you’d make it through one of MY blog posts without a GIF?)

Shout out to all my fellow food bloggers, and a challenge:

Show me your candy!

That’s right!  Go take a blog-worthy photo of your Halloween Candy Bowl.  Show everyone a before photo and an after  Halloween photo.


…whatever candy you have left over you have to invent a recipe to use it up. (Be sure you give away the gross stuff…)

Anyone up for my challenge?



P.S. – Full-steam ahead to Christmas!

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