Halloween 2017 Tutorial Series Kick-off



Its been a while…

I know, I know…  I promised I would write more often.

I’ve been busy.  Seriously, I’ve been so busy.

I’ve been slaving away in the kitchen baking delicious things for you!

Fine.  You caught me.

I’ve been busy eagerly stalking the Halloween merchandise hitting the shelves… (and that is NOT a figure of speech. Seriously…  I knew the very second employees started moving “Back-To-School” onto the end-caps making room for Halloween Candy and plastic skulls.  I have a problem, I know.)

Halloween is my FAVORITE!

Yeah, That’s when it ALL started. That’s me, age 1, with a disguise.

Here I am as Peter Rabbit.

I still enjoy carrots.

See, it is me.  My Brother looks angelic.

I look like I’m up to something.

I probably was.

Here we are a few years later.  My brother is looking devilish this time and I’m…


What IS this?  I’m wearing a HAND-ME-DOWN from my brother?

I just realized that.

I may need to speak to a therapist.

(True story…  My mom still has that coffee table.  It’s baby blue now which was popular in the 80’s…)

Here’s a costume my mother spent WEEKS making out of newspaper and spray paint.  It’s a dragon.

It was my brothers.

I got the smelly latex mask of an ogre or something…

(True story, I have NO CLUE who that baby is. I hope it wasn’t some random kid I brought home from “Trick or Treating”… That sounds like something I might do.)

The following year I told my mom I wanted a dragon.  She told me it was too much work.  (sad trombone)

…it was the very next year that my first sign of attitude was captured on film.

I can practically hear myself saying “What do you want?  I’m busy poking stuff with a stick here…”

…and poof.  I am who I am.

Anyway…  I’ve put together 3 tutorials for Halloween which I am very excited to show everyone…

OK, One semi-“tutorial” and 2 time-lapse thingies.

OK.  Look.  Filming is super hard.  You’ve got angles and noises and things you don’t want to be included in a tutorial which ALWAYS seem to get included.  I accidentally filmed half a tutorial with a can of dog food in the back ground.  Totally sanitary but, you know, not exactly something you want a billion people to see.  Another whole sequence I filmed had a direct view into the laundry room.  so…  ya.

I’m still learning.

Which is a thing…

I’m sure Ina Garten didn’t just walk into her kitchen one day and instantly become perfect at everything.

Oh, who am I kidding?  She probably did.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first tutorial I put together.  It’s been so long since I made it I sorta don’t remember what it’s about.  Dressing up cake pedestals I think…  Enjoy!

Let me know what you think.

I will publish one of these every week, so get ready!


P.S.- WHY didn’t anyone ever tell me that I’m such a dork?

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