Forget you said you would take something? Relax… You got this!

We’ve all been there…

On the way out the door…

Mark: “Remember, you said you would take something delicious…”

Me: “Did I?”

Mark: “You forgot didn’t you?

Me: “No… yes.”

Mark: “We can stop at the grocery store bakery on the way…”

Me: “Yes…  NO!”

I’ll let you in on a quick and easy catering trick using stuff you probably already have.

Grab a pen and take copious notes…


Sour cream + Brown Sugar + Strawberries.

that’s it.

1) Sour Cream goes in a bowl.

2) Generous amount of Brown Sugar goes on top.

3) Arrange Strawberries around bowl.

4) Done.

Do you see how the Brown Sugar melts into a luscious pool of yumminess.

Somehow the flavors combine into a rich, complex flavor.  Its one of my favorites.

I might have even made this post JUST so I could ravage the strawberries post photo shoot.

Why are you looking down here?





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