The cookie that saved my life!

… well, maybe these cookies didn’t LITERALLY save my life, but it’s possible.

I knew something was up when I got an e-receipt from the drug store in my inbox for 3 thermometers. My spouse had been shopping. 3 brand new thermometers. Yes, three.

I sent a text saying…


and got the simple reply…

“…I’m not feeling well.”

Have you ever been “3 brand new thermometers” sick? No?

My dear husband is an Accountant and a numbers guy. He relies on accuracy and organization… I looked at that e-receipt and knew instantly that he was going to take an average of the 3 thermometers to determine a reliable temperature. ( By the way, IF you hear your spouses voice in your head justifying something to yourself… game over man… game over. You are married to them forever. I’m ok with it too.)

I’m not sure what was wrong with the cadre of thermometers we already owned but hey…  now we’ve got a total of two that you stick to the forehead to get a temperature, three that go under the tongue to get a temperature and one that goes in the ear… (I really don’t want to hear about any other more accurate ways to take a temperature…  ✋️😏)

He started coughing. He started sneezing.  He had fever.

On Friday I made him drive me to Connecticut to deliver an Icing Smiles cake I was lucky enough to make for Lanasia.  Icing Smiles is a great organization and does a lot of good for a lot of sick kids.


Look at her sweet smile! She wanted a Princess Castle with Snow White, Elsa and Belle.  To me, Belle looks a bit skeptical.  Next time I’ll pencil in her eyes a bit less… wide-eyed.  Whoopsie.

On Saturday Mark rallied long enough to help me with my first Cake Competition!  Yay me!

It’s the perfect Wedding Cake for a bride who wants something different.  I came in Third!  Yay me! I titled the cake “Love is Messy” since I didn’t really spend the time I needed to on fondant basics.

By the end of Saturday it was apparent I had whatever he had.

I have to say with total honesty and sincerity that I am a JOY to be around when I am ill. Really. 😐

I am most proud of resisting the urge to point at him and say “YOU did this to me!”…  I think it slipped out accidentally a few times at my weakest point.

There was coughing.  There was sneezing.  There was fever.

Mark of course was feeling great by this point.  I wanted to lay on the couch in complete silence and he insisted on moving around and breathing and stuff.  So annoying.  😪

Worse than all that though…


Can you imagine?

I mean…  Food was just…  boring.

I actually went for 3 whole days not interested in food. How does that even happen? For me it was terrifying.

After 3 days of wandering on the banks of the River Styx I guess my spirit decided I would live and all of a sudden I was well again, except…

…my interest in food didn’t return.

What if it didn’t come back at all?

Was I really going to be one of those people who sit around and say 🙄 “Food is fuel…” and 🤤”Eat to live…”  and 🙀 “I don’t like sweet things much”.  I never really trust people who don’t enjoy sweets.  Weirdos…

…in the meantime I completely forgot that I promised a friend in Texas I would send some cookies to one of her friends.  Since I was feeling better I hopped into action.  I pulled out my trusty Montreal Confections Sugar Cookie Recipe and started whipping my butter.  Then inspiration struck (or maybe a relapse of fever or something…) I took a bag of Freeze Dried Strawberries and turned them into powder in a mini food processor and added them with the flour, I also microplaned a lemon peel into it and…


Strawberry Lemon Roll Out Sugar Cookies are born!

These baked up so delicious and satisfying.  The Strawberry is subtle, but that’s ok.  If you want a stronger strawberry presence use some strawberry flavoring to enhance the strawberries.  Next time I might add some cinnamon or 😱Balsamic Vinegar which might enhance it quite a bit.  Hummmmm.

These cookies baked up just as good as the original recipe does, and boy, they were delicious.

Yeah, that’s right…  this cookie brought back my appetite.  Luckily I made quite a few extra cookies because I couldn’t stop eating them.

See, they probably saved my life!

They decorated well too.  These cookies are going to someone special who is a member of the Cisco Wrangler Belles and I hope she enjoys them as much as I did!

…that’s all for now.  Just remember, sometimes a cookie CAN save your life!


  1. Wow! Your art is Amazing! I am an artist also, in many medium’s and even did cake decorating for a stint at a grocery chain bakery… You are like Michaelanglo to my “stoned-chick-with-a-sharpie” decorating skills. I LOVE baking, you, again are some cake diety from far-far-away… I don’t have TV except for my internet and I don’t watch Food Shows(much)…so I’m just in Awe of your mad skills. I just bought some “fancy” Spice Island Spices to replace my Mom’s 1962 McKormick Ground Ginger, so that should tell you something! I am really loving your writing style too, so I will follow you…wherever you may go…(sorry, I’m a wee bit manic tonight!)

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