Cola Ganache/Rum Ganache

Did you know you can use any liquid to make ganache?


Did you know you can get perfectly silky lump-free non-grainy ganache using a Sous Vide?

Generally speaking the ratio is 2:1 for dark, semi-sweet or milk chocolate, and 3;1 for white chocolate BUT… none of that is set in stone.  As bakers and chefs we are chemists who follow recipes to the “T” because that’s how things work…

Ganache though…  give yourself license to play around.  Need a strong structural ganache for a carved cake? Go heavy on the chocolate.  Need a pourable sauce?  Go heavy on the liquid.  Find your golden ratio…  just remember, the cheaper the chocolate the more you will need for a firm ganache.

Finally…  why the Sous Vide?  Well…  it’s fool proof.

Do you know how many times I’ve scorched heavy cream? It’s the dreaded bubble volcano you see happening from across the kitchen and you can ✨never✨ Seem to get there fast enough to prevent it from overflowing… then you’ve got heavy-duty kitchen clean up. Then there’s the chocolate…  if the cream isn’t warm enough it won’t melt the chocolate, so it goes in the microwave.  Poof…  10 seconds too long and you’ve got scorched chocolate.

With the Sous Vide, it gently warms to whatever temp you want it to go to, and it’s all one melty temp.  It’s all happy, and glossy and smooth.  Whoops…  did you forget about it and leave it a few hours longer than you meant to? (Not that I’ve ever done that…) No problem.  It’s still the temp you wanted it to be, waiting for you…


I used the cola flavoring from Amoretti.  It’s super concentrated so don’t use a lot. This isn’t even a paid endorsement (but if they wanted to send me some I’d be happy to play mad scientist with it!) Check out their impressive line of flavoring… A WORLD of potential! (Bulgarian Rose Purée?  Whaaaaat??? Jalapeño Purée?  How about White Chocolate Jalapeño Ganache Truffles?  Anyone? Anyone?)

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