Charred Marshmallow Fondant


This happened last night.

I TORCHED some marshmallows.

On purpose!

(Don’t tell my husband… he’s out of town and he forgot to lock up the torches. Muahahaha…)

…and when I say I torched them, I torched them good.

See, I got an idea about to make fondant using charred marshmallows.  Insane, right?

Insanely delicious!

How do you char a marshmallow?



Let it burn till it puts itself out.

Nice photos, huh?  Who knew burning marshmallows were pretty?

Use whatever Marshmallow Fondant recipe you use.  Use the same amount of marshmallows…  just, you know, burn them first.

I actually think I would have enjoyed more char…


This stuff is delicious.

So dump it all in a microwave safe container and nuke it like regular…

…then throw it all into the mixer.

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, the big char parts break up and leaves your Fondant ivory with amazing black speckles.

Woot woot!

Look at it! I’m using it tomorrow to create a Halloween tutorial and I can’t wait!

Go try it!

I’ve been super busy doing fun Halloween things…  I have a time-lapse video of a Crone’s Toad Cake I am going to post AND a brand new tutorial on Cake Pedestals AND an exciting cake with a sugar skull topper!  I can’t wait to show you!

Go burn a marshmallow or two.

Tell ‘me Scott sent you.


UPDATE:  The longer this Fondant sits, the more the little charred bit melt into the Fondant.  It smells heavenly on day 3, like a toasted marshmallow.  The Fondant goes a darker beige the longer it sits.  Deeeee-lish!











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