Elsie Eats a Concha

August 15, 2017 sevenrav 1

“As she pulled back on the arrow she felt the bow tense and resist, as if protesting what was about to happen.  She knew exactly […]

Melons Disappoint Me

August 6, 2017 sevenrav 2

I grew up in Texas where the produce from the Rio Grande Valley flooded the markets with the freshest of the fresh. Beans and broccoli, […]

Cantaloupe Curd

August 5, 2017 sevenrav 0

Yes.  You read that right…  Cantaloupe Curd.     Print Recipe Cantaloupe Curd Vaguely citrusy, but it’s hard to place flavor is sooooo good! Prep […]

Pear, Honey and Fennel Compote

July 30, 2017 sevenrav 0

Deliciously delicate and light, this compote is an amazing addition to Cheesecake, Pancakes or English Muffins. Lasts in the fridge in an airtight container for months!

Scott’s Cheesecake

July 30, 2017 sevenrav 2

Perfect Cheesecake to fill a 7″ springform pan. Easily doubled… This cheesecake can also be made without the crust.